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Learn About Our Physical Therapy

Our Physical Therapy Services


Studies show that physical therapy can also help patients with chronic lung disease, by retraining respiratory muscles, and improve efficiency of breathing techniques. At LASARRUS, we are providing a holistic way of monitoring a patient's health with physical therapy treatment with our next-generation wearable technology.

Why are we providing  Physical Therapy...


If you are suffering from any chronic respiratory disease, e.g., COPD, or simply have musculoskeletal injuries, pulmonary rehabilitation can improve your quality of life. Our health care providers will teach you new skills and exercise programs to increase your strength and manage shortness of breath. 

How will this benefit you...


Upon enrollment through our patient intake form, you will be assigned a physical therapist, who will schedule an evaluation session to determine the best rehabilitation plan for you. Our team will set you up with our next-generation and complementary WearME device to take home with you. The WearME system will be used to capture real-time body posture, range of motion, body vitals, and respiratory information that will provide biofeedback data for holistic assessment. Your PT plan will take between 10 to 20 sessions depending on your diagnosis or injury. 

The process from start to finish...