The Problem

The financial burden of Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary disease is Too High. Patients have a 30-day readmission rate of 24%.

Our Solution

Our solution is the world's first wearable multimodal physiological sensing system. Our technology addresses the data gap to reduce hospitalization cost and readmission rates.


Our wearable solution creates a portfolio of physiological parameters that allow for a comprehensive cardiopulmonary assessment to be used for early symptom identification and treatment.


Our Story

Meet the Founders

LASARRUS is founded by four brothers with over 50 years of cumulative professional experience, with each bringing a unique value to the success of the company. 

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Lloyd Emokpae, PhD.

Roland Emokpae, Jr., MD.,
Chief Medical Officer

Nelson Emokpae, DPT.
Chief Customer Officer

Edward Emokpae, Esq.
Chief Legal Officer

Meet the Advisors

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2018 Intel Design Contest Winners

Intel FPGA Innovation Day

"A master class in FPGA-inspired technology innovation."


Awards & Funding Acknowledgments


Publications & Patents

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