Our Story

LASARRUS is a family run business based in Maryland that is aimed on performing research and development on new and innovative devices for improved physical therapy

Our Vision

We are committed to helping people suffering from stroke-related or joint injuries of the upper extremities. Our goal is to transition technology from research to reality by conducting clinical trials.


We have developed patent-pending wearable technologies that allows for a unified method for physical therapy rehabilitation through sensor biofeedback.


Our Story

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Lloyd Emokpae, PhD.

Roland Emokpae, Jr., MD.


Our company’s name LASARRUS is an acronym, which stands for Limb Activation Stimulation And Robotic Rehabilitation Unencumbered Services. LASARRUS Clinic and Research Center is a Limited liability company (LLC) incorporated in the state of Maryland in the summer of 2013. LASARRUS is a family run business founded by four brothers with over 50 years of cumulative professional experience, with each bringing a unique value to the success of the company. At LASARRUS our aim is to integrate innovation with physical therapy to speed up the path to recovery for every patient.

Nelson Emokpae, DPT.

Edward Emokpae, Esq.

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