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The WearME device is currently being offered for research and investigational use.  By pre-ordering this investigational device, you affirm that you will be able to participate in our clinical research and/or usability studies. The WearME device has not yet been cleared by the FDA.


Benefits of the WearME Device:

(1) Breathing monitoring, (2) Vital monitoring (heart rate, body temperature), (3) Body Kinematics monitoring


Features of the WearME Device:



+ Acoustic: Heart and Lung monitoring
+ ECG: Heart monitoring
+ IR Temperature: Skin and body temperature monitoring
+ IMU: Body Kinematics



+ Bluetooth and ZigBee



+ USB-C for charging and firmware updates (cable and charger included)



+ Device status multi-color LED

+ Temperature sensing single-color LED 

How to Use:

+ Use with WearME shirt or Body Strap (sold seperately) for body physiological sensing

+ Connect with WearME Mobile App (provided by research team)



Single Lasarrus WearME Device (Research Only)

SKU: 364215376135191
Color: Black
  • Single wireless WearME device with multi-modal sensing (Acoustic, ECG, Temperature, and Kinematics). Can be charged with USB-C cable (sold seperately). Can be worn for physiological sensing (requires shirt or strap).

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