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The WearME device is currently being offered for research and investigational use.  By pre-ordering this investigational device, you affirm that you will be able to participate in our clinical research and/or usability studies. The WearME device has not yet been cleared by the FDA.


This Kit is FREE for users that (1) Enroll in physical therapy or (2) Participate in our local clinical studies. 


Benefits of the WearME Device:

(1) Breathing monitoring, (2) Vital monitoring (heart rate, body temperature), (3) Body Kinematics monitoring


Features of the WearME Device:



+ Acoustic: Heart and Lung monitoring
+ ECG: Heart monitoring
+ IR Temperature: Skin and body temperature monitoring
+ IMU: Body Kinematics



+ Bluetooth and ZigBee



+ USB-C for charging and firmware updates (cable and charger included)



+ Device status multi-color LED

+ Temperature sensing single-color LED 


How to Use:

+ Use with WearME shirt or Body Strap for body physiological sensing

+ Connect with WearME Mobile App (provided by research team)


Compression shirt with internal pockets for WearME device integration. Contains up to 38 internal pockets.


+ Shirt is washable

+ Shirt comes in two color variants (gray and royal blue)

Lasarrus WearME Kit (Research Only)

SKU: 364215376135190
Shirt Color
  • Single wireless WearME device with multi-modal sensing (Acoustic for heart/lung sounds, ECG, Body Temperature, and Body Kinematics). Can be charged with USB-C cable. Can be worn for physiological sensing.

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