Lasarrus WearME IoT Featured In IEEE Article

The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted how the healthcare system could be

overwhelmed. Telehealth stands out to be an effective solution, where patients can

be monitored remotely without packing hospitals and exposing healthcare givers to

the deadly virus. This article presents our Intel award winning solution for

diagnosing COVID-19 related symptoms and similar contagious diseases. Our

solution realizes an Internet of Things system with multimodal physiological sensing

capabilities. The sensor nodes are integrated in a wearable shirt (vest) to enable

continuous monitoring in a noninvasive manner; the data are collected and

analyzed using advanced machine learning techniques at a gateway for remote

access by a healthcare provider. Our system can be used by both patients and

quarantined individuals. The article presents an overview of the system and briefly

describes some novel techniques for increased resource efficiency and assessment

fidelity. Preliminary results are provided and the roadmap for full clinical trials is


IEEE Paper
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